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Hi!Check out my web!Ugh your on my web!Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Check all pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!new stuff



Dear Journal&Fans,

Tommorow i am starting rec!I came back from a BBQ an hour ago,and now i am playing bowling on wii with a seven year old,i am winning i got 2 strikes in a row,Guys Check out top 5 songs!And chat,One more thing check after 4pm and there will be cursors on each page,but all different and different backrounds,



psits 9:43 game finishes I won BOWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!with a score of like 120 i am gonna play again


Dear Journal,

I wanna apologize to my fans that you waited for me to update again,well i just did,alot things coming,

anyway,journal i wanna tell you about yesterday i had a barbecue after it rained,i was sitting and looking at the cars,i felt like it wasnt even summer

Ok So anyway journal i will tell you about today

I went to a garage sale where they sold lemonade,it was really sweet,then i cleaned my room and read the book"great wall of china"for my summer packet,

Ps.:(Did you hear michael jackson died &do you like princess protection  program

with love,



 Dear Journal,

Today is the start of a full day of  No school!Yay!I did nothing,Julia i saw you at the library!Wooohoo!i forgot what else i did,Oh yah,Meryem came over,and..........................Thats it!Oh wait I saw Princess Protection Program if i hate to rate it from a scale 1-10 i would say 9 1/2 Or 10! It was good,It was completely not what i expected,I thought Rosie would be Snobby!



Ps.One more thing i got bendaroos today and I went to show someone a house at 10:30