I saw it yesterday i just love it! I think it is better that the 1st.Theres much more singing anfd the chimpmunks go to high school,so its exciting my rating is

***** 5 stars
Where the wild things are,is a great movie,it is basically about a boy who does'nt like his family so he ran away and went on a boatto the wild things land
I like the movie!Adventurous,kinda of sad (Flint's mom died ).It was also a great end,iT is basically about a nobody,who turns into a somebody because of his food maker,It is nothing like the book,except its the same town name and the food maker
I would say this movie deserves a four and a half,It is really good.There is a lot of new songs in the movie,I am not giving you the whole summary,but its mostly about Mileys journey back to her hometown in Tennessee,
Ponyo is a great movie.It is about a fish named Ponyo(thats not her real name,Sosuke named her),who meets sosuke,and it was just love at first sight,now she wants to be a human,but her father doesnt disagree,to learn more see it.....

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