Contests 08/25/2009
I wanna talk about contest they are just hopeless please do me a favor ennter,I need more then 2 or 3 entries,I know you can do it!
Ponyo 08/25/2009
To read a review go to the review page!,But before you go play th smiley memory game


Its True i think it is bad,but its my opinion,and many others,When the movie  ended not a single soul was clapping or commenting,everyone seemed disappointed,I was 2,I didn't expect this,i was really ashamed

Post Title. 07/17/2009

today was hot hot hot i am so bored,WHAT TO DO?Oh man


in-hot weather,moving days,
out-weebly,rainy days


so I am gonna make a continueation of nadianj,S

hey 06/27/2009

Hey!I apologize new stuff coming tommorow,i think i might stop blogging i just have trouble witht the computer

state of union

in-sunshower,clleaning,no school

out-homework,,afterschool programs

Post Title. 06/27/2009

Schools Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wooooooooooo!WHAT ARE YO UPLANNING ON DOING

Topic&Union 06/18/2009

Topic:My other web:Girls Email me and get  my webs name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ps.VOTE FREND OF MONTH!

state of union

in-school ending,Doing nothing,No HomeWork,helping clean the classroom

out-Doing alot of homework,Reading,Health and tommorow is the last day of math(so ts out)

TOPIC&UNION 06/16/2009

Become a nadianj friend!Sign up,to get a news letter and future plans,for this web that we will discuss Good or Bad!So Sign Up!Contact  ME !


out-Home Work,Lots of work to do