Summers time to fade away.
Dream about yesterday.
When all was clear, and you were standing here.
Instead of flying, instead of those, glows, dying.
Summer Summer!
That's what were talking about.
Summer Summer!
Scream and shout!
Frozen yogurt, icecream, oh yay!
Getting hosed down by the cold water coming from the hose,
I wanna let you know,
I love each and everyday!
Summer Summer.
If this was the only season, I wouldn't mind.
Cuz sometimes Summer.
Is the fun's time.
Julia's Poem 07/20/2009

Summer means one piece is out.
Summer means licking the dripping Cookies N Cream from your icecream cone.
No more tests and detention, everybody stand up and shout!
Summer means mani-pettis alone.

 Summer is the only season where scorchers rock.
Everyone loves it alot.
Take a dive in the pool, lay on the beach.
Summer means SPF 30.
Remember not to forget your sunscreen!

  Summer is when your school-free.
Summer's for romance, Summer's for you and me!
Breaking hearts at the end of summer.
Wow, what a bummer.
But then you start fresh and new.
But your sad it's gone, Phew!

  It's when the fashions are in, the latest trends.
Summer's for everything, and hanging out with friends.
You can dress free, and wear anything you choose.
Summers for fun, and sports.
Just don't loose.

Basically, Summer's what us kids call the place to be, the place to love, and the freedom for us!

We can be free.
I'm just saying.
All your praying.
It was true.
Cuz Now it's summer.
So let's just go balistic.
For me and you.

My Poem 07/20/2009

 Drop that jacket
  Stop that racket
   Summers here
   So lets cheer.



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