Dear  Journal,
 I am in Montreal,Canada.Its my first time here and my hotel is beautiful.You know whats so cool?My hotel room is like a cabin it has 2 bedrooms,upstairs,downstairs,a kitchen,dining room,and living room,and a fireplace and backyard.It snowed so much,we made a snowman,they had an indoor pool and an activities desk.I also went to the Biodome , where alot of living animals where indoors,

  The plane ride was so short and so much fun,since we were going to florida we watched disney and nick,the plane ride was 2  1/2 hours long.We went to blizzard beach,it was fun.we went to lazy river,hurricane harbor,and water slides.Next place was disney world,we went a lot of roller coasters and  went to see the new years fire works by the magic castle.Next Mgm we saw mickey mouses hat,we saw high school musical  singing,then we saw Fantastia all disney characters and fire and fire works.I wanna go again!!!
                        Niagara falls

                    Niagara falls is a beautiful view,my hotel was really tiny,we didnt see much,but we saw my mom's friends and we went to the indoor pool.

   Virginia was alot of fun,we had like a house but one floor and our backyard had a porch and a huge pond,we went to the pool it was huge it even had a hot tub,we went to colonial williamsburg and we saw how it felt before,we also went to traders joes and we found willie the pilgrim and our names got announced on the intercom.We went to Busch Gardens ,VA.They had christmas town , they made fake snow,and i went on a ride with my mom called "The Griffon"It is so scary and so fast and you  go upside down.There was also different countries there,Ireland,Sweden,Italy,and more.we went to alot of 3-d rides too,Then we went to James town,We learned how native americans,and english lived.

      Such a fun weekend !I loved it!The hotel was so cool!We went Sledding!!!such a huge hill.Then bowling,I  was in 2nd or 3rd  place.Then the waterpark indoor in my hotel!It had water slide,huricane harbor,surfing thing and hot tub.Loved It!!!!!!!