1st place-Ciao to you my fellow journal! I'm confuzzed about the date, so that's YOUR problem to deal with, if you want to know. The awful thing is that we ran out of waffles. Leggo My Eggo!
I usually eat everyday two waffles with nutella.
A creamy chocolate hazlenut spread. Aren't you hungry? I have to take this berry ( Ew!) Medicine two times a day, for my strep throat. I'm not a fan of berries, and also cheese. Cheese has nothung to do with the subject . . . Oh Well! I wish I could um. . . marry David Tennant! He is sooooo cute! Did I mention funny? My daydreaming has taken over me . . . so long . . . FOR NOW! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!Julia1

2 place-I watched it weeks ago!

(Another Cinderella Story! )Big big fan!


3rd place-sofia, dear journal,
today was a great day!

3/11/2009 10:22:53 am

i like Julias

3/11/2009 11:11:34 am


4/19/2009 06:09:32 am

That's hilarious!


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